A Little About Marden Industries…

Marden cutters are the top choice of experienced agriculturalists world wide. At Marden, the extra time and money we spend on research and development results in a precision engineered piece of equipment – easy to operate with low maintenance and built tough enough to handle any job!

We have developed the largest, most diverse model selection available in the world to meet all your needs for heavy land clearing and forestry site preparation to farming, ranching, orchard and grove maintenance. In addition, Marden engineers and field technicians can custom fabricate special cutters to your exact specifications.

At Marden, service is the key word. Our service reps are second to none when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction. We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts with a 1-3 day turnaround on most parts orders, or if you prefer, we have the capability to completely recondition and Marden cutter in our 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

From a 4′ to 10′ drum and 1000 to 60,000 lbs. – we’ve got you covered. Before you make your next equipment purchase, you owe it to yourself to let one of our professional service representatives show you why Marden has been the world leader in land clearing, site preparation and field maintenance equipment since 1933.

Marden’s HI – LO reversable blade design is far more efficient and effective than any other, resulting in greater cutting power and pulverizing action AND longer blade life. The Marden cuts vegetation above ground and scarifies the soil to retard run-off, conserve ground level moisture and accelerate decomposition. Marden cutters will eliminate brush of any density where the tractor will pull them in medium gear.

Only abrasive resistant steel goes into a Marden and Marden has never used an incomplete frame, giving you hundreds – even thousands of pounds more structural weight than its competitors.

All Marden cutters can be selectively weighed with water to allow for changing needs, as well as save on cost of delivery and changing locations.

Marden’s Light Brush Cutters – used for light land clearing applications, pasture maintenance for dog fennels, myrtles and light palmettos can be configured in tandem, allowing for improved cutting and aeration. Our Medium Brush Cutters are best suited for heavier land clearing, especially palmettos, converting rough woods into improved range.

Marden Weed Cutters are available in a wide range of configurations to best suite needs for weed control and improved pasture aeration.

A Photo-History of Marden Industries