Bedding Plows

Forestry Implements – Bedding Plows…

Marden has developed and also patented a unique Bedding Plow (Middle-Buster) that gives you full tillage while producing a raised bed. This allows your seedling to have a better chance of survival and also helps eliminate competitive growth while loosing compacted soils. Patent Number 6,330,922.


Heavy Duty Middle Buster Plow comes in a 4 point lift model which is suitable for the SK300, SK250 and CAT545 tractors. This unit is designed for the heavy palmetto and gallberry sites associated with north Florida and south Georgia. 5 Individual arms and 40″ travel.

HP requirements 250 – 300 Skidder


Mid-Range Middle Buster Plow which is a 4 point lift unit that is designed for the CAT525 or JD748 tractors. This unit also gives full tillage while bedding and works well with the mid-range size of skidders. 5 Individual arms and 40″ travel.

HP requirements 150 – 200 Skidder


3 Arm Middle-Buster unit which is being developed for the upper coastal plains. This unit has a bed width of approximately 60″ and with center tillage. It can fracture hard pan soil up to 10″ in depth. 3 Individual arms and 40″ travel.

HP requirements 125 – 150 Skidder


A Pull Type 5 Arm Plow with center tillage. This plow is versatile and can be pulled with either a Skidder or Crawler. 5 Individual arms.

HP requirements 150 – 200 Skidder
125 – 150 Crawler.