V-Shears & V-Blades

Forestry Implements – V-Shears & V-Blades…

Our V-Shears are designed and fabricated around Cat C-Frames for extra strength and durability. We offer two different styles of shears, the curved face design and also our lighter version Maxi-split model. Both model’s have a unique cutting edge design which allows the blade to cut faster while also self-sharpening.

Curved Face V-Shear

Designed to pass debris along the edge with the patented curved face, this shear works well in the large diameter pine and hardwood forests west of the Mississippi River. D6, D7, D8 size dozers.

Maxi-Split V-Shear

Designed to work in the second generation pine plantation. This model is lighter and shorter than our Curved Face unit, but still very durable. D6, D7, D8 size dozers.


Our V-Blades are custom fitted to the smaller dozers, used for parting slash and debris in planting, bedding, and fire fighting situations. D3, D4, D5, D6 size dozers.

VR Hydraulic-Relief V-Rakes

Designed to move and align slash and debris while plowing. With the Hydraulic-Relief teeth, they can operate in unsheared ground helping to reduce site-prep costs. They are available in a 3 tooth and 5 tooth design.